Solar Powered NBN Fixed Wireless Kit

Solar Powered NBN Fixed Wireless Kit

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This kit is for off grid fixed wireless NBN installations.

If your house isn't within 14km of the NBN fixed wireless tower but you have anywhere else on your property that is, this kit is the solution. 

You just need to provide somewhere dry for the NBN hardware to be installed (a small garden shed works well) and with this kit we can help you get connected to the NBN and then send the signal wirelessly to your house and around your property.

The included radios can create a 10km link from a mast height of 12m (line of sight required).

This kit includes 2 x pre configured wireless radios with integrated antennas and 2 x outdoor ethernet cables + 240w of solar panels, 200AH of battery capacity, solar charge controller, 100w 240v inverter and all DC power cables are included. 

If you need any advice or help with getting the NBN connection ordered just give us a call and we'll