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Free Farm WiFi Network Design @ Riverina Field Days

Free Farm WiFi Network Design @ Riverina Field Days

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Sit down with one of our wireless network engineers at the Riverina Field Days. We'll provide you with a high level design for your property including a WiFi coverage estimate. Book a time now.

  • Sick of slow internet? We can assess your options including connecting to fixed wireless NBN from neighbouring properties.
  • Want to eliminate mobile blackspots? We can help you estimate how well WiFi calling will work on your property based on elevations, distances and tree coverage.
  • Want to install wireless cameras for remote management or security? We can tell you where WiFi repeaters would be required to make it work.
  • Considering purchasing one of our Outdoor WiFi Repeater Kits to get WiFi and internet around the workshop, sheds and yards? We can give you a clear indication of how much coverage to expect from this low cost kit.
  • Want to automate and control your irrigation using PLC? Our solar powered WiFi solutions makes it easy and we have partners in the Riverina who can help you with pump automation, VSD, level sensors and more.

We'll be at the Riverina Field Days in Griffith 10th & 11th of May 2019 - site #85 completing free high level design and coverage estimates. It takes about half an hour to complete so we're asking you to book a time in advance.

If you can't make the field days you should still contact us - we'll put you on the wait list for our remote desk check service (due to high demand there is currently a 6 week wait - sorry)...but if you want to skip the queue here's your chance, see you at the Riverina Field Days :)

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