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Outdoor WiFi Repeater Kit (Riverina Field Days Special)

Outdoor WiFi Repeater Kit (Riverina Field Days Special)

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If you want to make and receive calls using WiFi calling around the house, sheds and yards this is the kit for you.

100% pre configured, just plug it in and turn it on.

2 Outdoor WiFi repeaters will give you 40 acres of line of sight WiFi coverage and can be used as starting point for farm wide networks up to 20,000ha. 


Riverina Field Days Special - Kit includes

  • 1 x Outdoor WiFi Basestation (240v)
  • 1 x Outdoor WiFi repeaters (240v)
  • 2 x 1 year Agrinet Device Licenses
  • 2 x 15m outdoor ethernet cables

Total value = $2800. Buy as a kit and save $500. Stocks are limited. 

Only available in person at the Riverina Field Days, 10th and 11th May 2019. Come and see us at site #85. We'll also be doing free farm wide wifi network designs and coverage estimates on site. You can book a time with one of our network designers here.