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Outdoor Ethernet Patch Lead

Outdoor Ethernet Patch Lead

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CAT5e RJ45 Ethernet Network LAN Cable Outdoor Grounded Shielded FTP Patch Cord.

This outdoor ethernet cable has:

  • The standard 8-wire, straight-through LAN wiring.
  • Special metal clad shielded RJ45 connectors. These connectors make ground contacts with the grounded RJ45 sockets on network devices and POE injectors.
  • A Foil Shield surrounding the conductors, and electrically connected to the metal shields on the RJ45 connectors. This provides an electrical path from the circuit board of a grounded network device, and the ground pin of the AC cord used with the POE injector. This path prevents voltage build-up during nearby electrical storms that can destroy the ethernet interface on a network device.
  • A weatherproof, externally rated jacket.

These patch cables are available in various lengths so make installation pretty simple. Because they are pre-terminated it can be a good idea to use electrical tape to cover the end before pulling it through a roof to prevent snags.

If you prefer to make your own we can sell you a 305m box of cables, connectors and crimp tool.