Wireless Cameras


Wireless cameras are perfect for on or off farm remote management. How often are you doing water runs? Wireless cameras make remote management of your property a reality. How are the lambs? Have a look on your phone and find out in under a minute - with the right camera you can move it around and zoom in if needed for a closer look. 


Most cameras aren't great for security, we think you're generally still better off with a dog in most cases (and maybe something louder). This said, there are still some applications where a camera is the right solution but you need to understand their limitations. Don't expect to be able to cover large areas at night, the IR light disperses quickly so they are only good over short ranges. This means that if you want a camera for security purposes you should install it somewhere where a trespasser is forced to go e.g. past a gate or road. However, used as an alarm system they can be great - a camera can tell you something is there and send you a photo showing if it is a person or car. This might be just what you need to give you the chance to take action to deal with the issue. The other option is to use laser IR cameras to get up to 500m of night vision,  they aren't cheap - but neither is livestock.

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